HUMAN FUNCTION / 1-2 day Seminars (6-12 hours)

Continuing Education Workshops for deeper understanding of Refined Human Function. Special Topics subject matter includes: Demystifying the Core, Shoulder Girdle Complex, Spinal Deviations, Foot and Ankle, Neck and Head, The Rotary Factor in Human Movement, and Achieving Balance.

The syllabi cover: osteology, myology, joint play/ ROM, movement/ action, muscular synergies, functional slings, girdle integration/ stabilization, and appendage-girdle-spine rhythms for facile mobilization and full-bodied neuro-muscular coordination. Concepts are physically embodied with participant activities. Demonstrations illustrate the human function selected using Pilates Mat vocabulary and all pieces of Apparatus.

These seminars are conducted periodically @ Studio 1420, Philadelphia and travel easily for guest presentation with course materials provided.


PILATES EXERCISES / Weekend Workshops and Intensives (12-18 hours)

Seven Continuing Education workshops for the acquisition, expansion and clarification of Pilates exercise vocabulary on Mat and all pieces of Apparatus. Advanced teacher-training is focused on the underlying patterns and layered skill development in building successful performance of each exercise. Lecture-Demonstration format discusses the nature of each apparatus, demonstrates traditional forms, and provides movement analyses for classical and evolved exercises.

The 7 Pilates Exercise and Equipment-based workshops are: Foundation & Fundamentals, Classical Mat, Universal Reformer, The Barrels, The Chairs, The Cadillac, and Small Apparatus. Weekend workshops (2 days) are designed to review Classical Pilates exercises with tips for better cueing, performance and apparatus use. Weekend Intensives (3 days) are comprehensive investigations of Classical and evolved forms.

Traveling workshops can be tailored to guest studio’s needs and equipment inventory. Exercise lists are provided and participants volunteer for demonstration. This offers a personal physical experience as well as expanded observation and cueing skills. These units are geared for experienced certified professionals and constitute a comprehensive investigation of exercise possibilities on the chosen apparatus.


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