Colleague Testimonials

Thank you Karen! I have been extremely fortunate to have worked for and with Karen for over seven years. Not a day goes by that I don’t learn something new. Karen’s unparalleled knowledge of the Pilates method, paired with her extensive understanding of the muscular-skeletal system, allows her to take a completely comprehensive and well organized approach to her teaching method.

Jody Prall

I was certified in Pilates before I took Karen Carlson’s teacher training program. To say that I learned vastly more under Karen is an understatement. Karen took the bare framework of what I had been taught and expanded upon it thoroughly, comprehensively, professionally and kindly. Karen was very willing to acknowledge my own and my fellow students and trainers studies in Pilates and anatomy during our many hours in workshops and private sessions. Her own knowledge of the subjects of anatomy and Pilates coupled together is unrivaled in anyone else I have ever met. In short, I felt her training to be highly valuable to me as a teacher, as a mover, and as a student of Pilates and I am quite happy to count myself a better teacher because of her efforts.

Jeff Prall

I was certified through Karen Carlson’s program in 2004 and have since taken additional workshops and private lessons. It is abundantly clear that Karen Carlson has thoroughly investigated and mastered the innumerable forms, variations and complex anatomical underpinnings of the Pilates Method. Her expert ability to communicate this information through demonstration, anatomical explanation, poetic metaphor, and physical touch continues to impress and inspire me.

Karen is a generous, supportive, and exacting teacher who sets a high bar in both her approach to the material and to her teacher training program. Her dedication to clarifying and expanding the Pilates Method and her commitment to both her clients and the education of teachers make her a unique and valuable asset to the Pilates community. She is truly a rare gem.

Lea Yeager

I’ve been a student of Pilates since 1997 and a teacher since 2000. I am completely dedicated to continuing education. Within one month of having tested out out of my original certification program, I attended an international Pilates conference. Since that very first conference, I have been taking advantage of every educational opportunity and have become a highly discriminating consumer of Pilates continuing education. I have never passed on the opportunity to take Karen’s workshops and have attended all of them multiple times! Karen’s workshops are comprehensive and encyclopedic! She includes classical forms, modern forms, studio-centered variations and gives attribution to every source. What is most important to me and most rare, although ever-present in Karen’s workshops, is the WHY. Why do a movement this way versus that way? Why perform or teach a movement at all? I also value what Karen teaches about how. Karen does not simply teach how to do an exercise or how to teach an exercise but she teaches the skill- building that comes before the movement. With this skill-building Karen is teaching how to teach, the science of teaching. Then there is the art of teaching for which I lack the words to describe what Karen transmits in the art of teaching. I can say that I have an enormous amount of gratitude for Karen and everything she has taught me. Karen’s workshops are about integrity: integrity of movement and professional integrity. They are invaluable and I cannot recommend Karen more highly as a teacher and teacher of teachers. There simply is no one better!

Carol* Rachel Shore