HUMAN FUNCTION / Special Topics

1-2 Day seminars (6/12 hours)

These function-based workshops are designed to promote a deeper understanding of how to teach fluid, efficient and refined human function. One-Day workshops are academic and concentrate on anatomy and the movement sciences; human function, biomechanics and kinesiology, examples are cited. 2-Day workshops add the application of the theoretical through movement, participants experience, the embodiment of the movement science concepts presented in posture, movement and balance.

Special Topics include:
   Demystifying the Core
   The Shoulder Girdle Complex
   The Pelvic Girdle Complex
   Foot and Ankle, Neck and Head
   The Rotary Factor in Movement
   Spinal Deviations and Imbalances
   Achieving Balance / Proprioception

The syllabi includes:
   Osteology: the identification of structures (size, shape, location, articular surfaces)
   Myology: the identification of muscles (size, shape, location, origin-insertion, line-pull)
   Joint Play/ ROM: joint characteristics, position & alignment, planes of movement
   Mobilization/ Action: recruitment patterns, synergistic pairs, functional slings
   Stabilization/ Integration: recruitment patterns, synergists, assisters
   Coordination: neuromuscular patterns for efficient function
   Rhythms: sophisticated collaborations that allow for the greatest access to space

WEEKEND INTENSIVES / Pilates Exercises

2-3 Day Equipment-based Workshops (12-18 hours)

The 7 equipment-based workshops are designed to be an encyclopedic listing of exercise vocabularies associated with each apparatus supported with demonstration of the skill-building exercises essential to achieve and perform full classical form and advanced variations. Specifics of machine set-up, body position and orientation, and detailed movement analyses are discussed. Each Pilates exercise is analyzed from initiation to conclusion noting the intention and direction of the action and any spatial or level changes required in the performance for resolution and return.

Pilates Workshops include:


Elemental Pre-Pilates exercises that develop the skills required to perform the classical mat regimen with safety and accuracy (3 days). Includes useful exercises for observation and assessment and a review of the 9 Pilates Principles. The roots of movement and foundations of it all.


Pilates Mat forms, the beauty of the basic regimen in a recounting of classical mat forms and expanded variations to challenge the accomplished practitioner (2 days). Additional (1 day) pedagogy for construction of Group Mat for distinct populations and levels.


Universal Reformer forms, variations and uses (3 days). A new look at tradition and the use of the reformer as a diagnostic tool for structural and functional problems (closed kinetic chain). Expanded and evolved forms are also included for fitness and correctives.


Large/ Ladderback, Step/ Humpback, and Half Barrel forms (3days). A broad overview of shared forms in the Barrel System as well as exercises and features particular to each piece of equipment. Exercises concentrate on spinal mobilization and stabilization coupled with large joint range appendage movement.


Highback/ Electric and Backless/ Wunda Chair exercise forms, variations, and uses (2 days). A comprehensive look at these related but not identical pieces with exercises unique to each. Classical and evolved vocabulary plus the specific vocabulary for the Arm Chair may be included upon request (1 day).


Trapeze Table forms, variations and uses (3 days). Benefits for corrective exercise and performance enhancement including specialty forms for dance. Classical vocabulary and evolved forms are both deconstructed and integrated into fluid movement.This comprehensive look at traditional exercises includes the classical forms for spring-bar, swing-bar, and trapeze on the table as well as standing exercises off both ends, hanging from the top bars and side rails, and standing on the bed.

SMALL APPARATUS Exposure to the often-underutilized small apparatus including the Magic Circle, Foot Corrector, Wobble Board, Rotation Discs (arms, legs, spine), “Functional Footprints”, the Toe Corrector, Poles and Weighted Bars, Foam Rollers, Straps, and “Therabands” (3 days).