Client Services: STUDIO 1420

Karen Carlson – PILATES @ Studio 1420 for private appointments only
STUDIO 1420 – Pilates Instruction for private and group instruction by seasoned professionals, contact colleagues for appointments or class schedules
STUDIO 1420, Somatic Arts and Science for private and group instruction, contact associates for appointments or class schedule

Karen H. Carlson, Proprietor:
d/b/a Upbeat Enterprises, LLC
1420 Walnut St., Suite # 1420
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Studio Phone: (215) 545-2212, voicemail

   Is a personal service, fully-equipped Pilates facility

   Provides private and group programs for physical training,
   conditioning and fitness for strength, flexibility and coordination

   Teaches corrective exercise and neuro-muscular repatterning for alignment, integration and refinement

   Offers individual instruction and consultation for
   performance enhancement and specificity in dance, athletics or task

   Offers science-based movement education in
   Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics and Kinesiology

What distinguishes PILATES @ STUDIO 1420
is the consistent quality of instruction
. All practitioners are experienced and highly qualified. Though thoroughly trained and certified, each instructor was required to complete Carlson’s advanced teacher-training program as one of the terms for association. Each of the associates continue to expand their skills and knowledge in distinct and diverse aspects of somatic interest. I personally endorse them as vital, engaged, sophisticated, and seasoned teachers. Instructor profiles and contact information follow.

STUDIO 1420 expands its scope of activities and services. Since its inception, Independence Day 1994, when KC’s studio served only individual clients with private Pilates sessions, the services have broadened. They now include other movement and somatic approaches. Group Reformer classes are offered by colleagues Jody and Jeff Prall, Centerspace Pilates. Individual sessions are available for CoreAlign, cardio-pulmonary fitness and weight training. Somatic practices now include stress reduction, Thai bodywork, Shiatsu and Reiki, all available by appointment. Group movement classes are being developed for the future.

Instructors and Associates @ STUDIO 1420
To learn more or contact colleagues and associates, please select TEACHERS

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