Applicant Prerequisites for Apprenticeship

The Applicant must be:

1. a previously Certified Teacher or Approved Candidate
(provide teaching credentials, demonstration, personal interview)

2. a Post-Graduate (no undergraduates, others by approval)

The Applicant must have:

3. a working knowledge of Functional Anatomy
(movement science, chiropractor, physical, massage therapist, or pretest)

4.been a weekly Pilates Client for 5 years (3 with permission)

5. personal experience practicing the Method and possess knowledge of Classical Repertory on Mat and All Apparatus

6. been a Pilates Instructor for 5 years (3 with permission)
(provide place of employment or home studio)

7. demonstrated experience in another movement discipline or somatic approach (dance, martial arts, sports, athletics, exercise physiology….. Feldenkrais, Rolfing, Alexander, Chi Qoung, Tai Chi)

The Applicant must:

8. contract for Private Sessions for personal growth in the applicant’s own function, vocabulary acquisition of Pilates movement forms, or consultations on theory and practice.

9. secure an approved sponsoring studio or facility for Student Teaching and Observation Hours if not completed at Karen Carlson – PILATES@ Studio 1420

To Inquire or Apply:

10. Contact Carlson @ (215) 545-2212 or e-mail: karenhcarlson @

11. Complete attached form and return to: karenhcarlson @

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